Indians Remember Bob Feller

Bob Feller ... Indians Hall of Famer.

Details on a public memorial service for Bob Feller will be announced by the Indians. Fans are invited to visit for a tribute to the Hall of Famer who passed away at age 92. Monetary contributions can be made in the name of Bob Feller to Cleveland Indians Charities ( and the Bob Feller Museum ( The family will hold private services.

"To say he will be missed is such an understatement," Indians owner Larry Dolan said. "In fact, more to the point, he will not be missed because he will always be with us.

"Bob Feller's statue at Progressive Field is an icon. No more, no less than Moses Cleaveland in Public Square.

"Since 1936 he has been with us. For 75 years he has been a contributing citizen, a model for all athletes, and friend of thousands. As so it shall be in the larger sense, Bob will be with us always. Not at Opening Day, not at Fantasy Camp, not in the Press Box, but in our hearts.

"We in Cleveland have been blessed to have had him with us these many years. We will never let his memory pass."

Others from the organization shared their thoughts:

"Bob was that rare man, whose legend and feats were matched by his intellect, strength and substance. He was inspirational as a competitor and even more so as a man. I was privileged to have known him and each time I visited with him, he reinforced my passion for baseball and my appreciation of the Indians' heritage."
-- Indians President Mark Shapiro

"There has never been a great one with such an affiliation to his original franchise. When you think Cleveland Indians, you think Bob Feller and vice-versa. He was a genuine patriot and a big-time Hall of Famer. Boy, he loved the Indians and we all loved him back."
-- Manny Acta, Indians Manager

"We have all lost a friend and the nation has lost an icon. Bob was always there with a word of advice or a story of Baseball's past. The thing is that they were always relevant and helpful. I will never forget before the first game of the ‘97 World Series, Bob came up to me and patted me on the back and told me how proud he was of me and the team, then gave me a buckeye and said it was for luck. I don't think that Bob ever believed in luck, just hard work and an honest effort. I will miss Bob very much. He was my friend."
-- Indians Hall of Famer and former manager Mike Hargrove

"Ever since I joined the Indians organization, it was always an honor to talk baseball with such a legend. It is very sad to lose someone that was such a Cleveland icon. We also had a connection with the University of Connecticut and I enjoyed talking Huskies basketball with him on a regular basis. He was a presence that will surely be missed."
Indians Hall of Famer Charles Nagy

"The Indians of the 40's and 50's were the face of the city of Cleveland and Bob was the face of the Indians. But, Bob transcended more than that era. In this day of free agency and switching teams, Bob Feller remained loyal to the city and the team for over 70-years. You will likely not see that kind of mutual loyalty and admiration ever again."
-- Mike Hegan, Indians broadcaster and son of Feller's battery mate and Indians Hall of Famer Jim Hegan

"Since my days as a player in the early 70's, over 20 Fantasy Camps and our Indians Cruises together, he was for me someone so special. He took life to the fullest. I don't know anybody who got more out of life than Bob Feller, plus he was very privileged to spend over half of his life in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I admired, loved him and was honored to call him my friend. He will always be Cleveland and will always be Cleveland Indians. I will miss him as he is a piece of history. When you mention greatest baseball players of all-time, he has to be mentioned."
-- Former Indians outfielder Rick Manning, now a team broadcaster

"Bob was a living legend, but more importantly, a true American Patriot. Nothing was more important to Bob than this country and what it stands for. Of all of his accomplishments, he was most proud of the fact that he served this country with honor during World War II. But Bob always reminded us that he was no hero, the heroes were those that lost their life defending this country. I was always amazed at his incredible recall when reminiscing about his career. It was like you were back in time reliving those great moments. I feel very blessed to have known Bob these last 21 years. Bob was truly an iconic figure who always made you feel like a friend."
-- Broadcaster Tom Hamilton, the "Voice of Indians"

"His love of our country and passion for the game was without question. He was an amazing, engaging person, who was willing to share his thoughts and opinions to all and took the time to spend with so many of us in this community. I will miss him very much."
-- Dennis Lehman, Indians Executive Vice President of Business

"Bob Feller loved the Cleveland Indians. It is the ultimate American success story. Consider how a five-ounce baseball provided an Iowa farm boy the opportunity to travel the world as he became perhaps the greatest ambassador baseball has ever known. I had the privilege of working alongside him for more than 30 years and he taught me as much about the game of baseball as he did life. I will miss his friendship."
-- Bob DiBiasio, Indians Vice President of Public Relations Recommended Stories

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