They Get Our Vote

They Get Our Vote

Here's a way to salute Election Day in America -- Cleveland Indians style.<br><br> Through the years, the Indians have had several players with the same last names as men who served as President of the United States. Here's a listing of the Tribe players who had Presidential timbre:<br>

No. 1, George Washington
SS Ron Washington (1988)

No. 2, John Adams & No. 6 John Quincy Adams
C Bert Adams (1910-12)

No. 3, Thomas Jefferson
1B Reggie Jefferson (1991-93)
OF Stan Jefferson(1990)

No. 7, Andrew Jackson
INF Damian Jackson (1996-97)
OF Jimmy Jackson (1905-06)
OF Joe Jackson (1910-15)
LHP Mike Jackson (1973)
RHP Mike Jackson (1997-99)
INF Randy Jackson (1958-59)

No. 9, William Henry Harrison & No. 23, Benjamin Harrison
RHP Roric Harrison

No. 12 Zachary Taylor
RHP Luther (Dummy) Taylor (1905)
RHP Ron Taylor (1962)
C Sammy Taylor (1963)

No. 17, Andrew Johnson
OF Alex Johnson (1972)
RHP Bob Johnson (1974)
C-1B Cliff Johnson (1979-80)
RHP Jerry Johnson (1973)

No. 18, Ulysses S. Grant
2B Eddie Grant (1905)
RHP George Grant (1927-29)
3B Jimmy Grant (1943-44)
RHP Jim (Mudcat Grant (1958-64)

No. 19, Rutherford B. Hayes
C Frank Hayes (1945-46)
OF Von Hayes (1981-82)

No. 28, Woodrow Wilson
C Arthur Wilson (1921)
INF Enrique Wilson (1997-2000)
OF Francis Wilson (1928)
1B Jim Wilson (1985)
DH-OF Nigel Wilson (1996)
C Red Wilson (1960)

No. 35,John Kennedy
LHP Bill Kennedy (1948)
OF-3B Bob Kennedy (1948-54)
RHP Vernon Kennedy (1942-44)

No. 36, Lyndon Johnson
C Larry Doby Johnson (1972, 1974)
OF Lou Johnson (1968)
LHP Victor Johnson (1946)
MGR Walter Johnson (1933-35)

No. 37, Richard Nixon
OF Otis Nixon (1984-87)
C Russ Nuxon (1957-60)

No. 38, Gerald Ford
OF Ted Ford (1970-71, 1973)

No. 39, Jimmy Carter
OF Joe Carter (1984-89)
RHP Paul Carter (1914-15)

No. 42, Bill Clinton
OF Lou Clinton (1968) Recommended Stories

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