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Minor Wins Bring Major Development

Mike Sarbaugh, top, and developing Juan Valdes.

There's an age-old question that invariably comes up when you discuss minor league baseball:<br><br> How important is winning at any level below the majors?<br><br> Most farm directors insist that winning is a distant second to player development. They tell you that if a blue-chip prospect continues to get better on an individual basis, that far outweighs whether the team is successful in the won-loss column.<br><br> And, for the most part, that is true.<br>

The No. 1 goal for an organization is to have your elite prospects continue moving up the minor league ladder while developing into players who will eventually be able to contribute on the major league level. Teams invest a lot of money into their top prospects and it is important that those players eventually make it to the majors, be it as impact players; as part of a supporting cast; or as... Recommended Stories